"Finally, An Easy, And Risk-Free Way To Deploy Your Internet Cafe Or Public PC Kiosks Without a Degree In Computers!"

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Thinking of a quick and risk-free way of setting up computers for your visitors to add value to your business or get that edge, that your competitors do not have?

Need something, that lets you have complete control and peace of mind, knowing what your visitors can and cannot do on your computers?

Perhaps you are looking to get an additional $500 per week of income out of this?

You are only a few minutes away from setting it up, even if you don't have a degree in computers.

Before you build your next Internet Kiosk or publicly-accessed PC...

Take a minute to discover how to:

  • Quickly become the boss of your computers, without the need for extra learning.
  • Gain additional income in your business to allow those luxuries for you and your family.
  • Finally have the time to enjoy it all.

Because I will remove the hassle and risk off your shoulders and will do all the hard work for you.

PC to Kiosk Software

Will let you monetize your publicly accessed PC, so that you could tap into a new, easy-to-setup income stream, without much expense. You can set it up right away and start getting an additional income within 30 minutes or less.


Vitaly is here... I am the owner and creator of PC to Kiosk software. Like you, I am a business entrepreneur.

My mission is very simple:

To provide you with the best possible tools and solutions helping you to convert your regular computers into zero-maintenance rock-solid bullet-proof publicly-accessed computers, Internet kiosks or Internet Cafe workstations, and shift your priorities from technical things back to your business.

I am giving you a solution, that is:

  • Intuitive.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Gives your business everything that is necessary to start and maintain a publicly-accessed infrastructure.

Let me explain, how exactly I help you to...

Build an additional, money generating opportunity in your business

Your users get time codes generated by you or a cashier. Every time code is encoded with a certain limited amount of time you specify. Users can only use your computers for that much time. You decide if you want to charge them for it or provide it as a value-added benefit for your paying clients.

Time locked keys diagram

You get two possible revenue streams from this. One is direct and the other one is indirect:

  1. If you decide to charge your clients for computer use, you get your money directly from your clients.
  2. If you provide this as a value-added service for your clients, you will attract more clients and give them a better value and something unique, that very few other businesses have to offer.

You do not have to be limited by just one of them, you can decide to include a complimentary free 10 minute Internet-access voucher for each paying customer and charge for extra time.

Both options provide a win-win scenario and easily let you increase profitability of your current business.

If your technical experience is limited, it is not a problem at all, because I will help you to...

Build your public access PCs in minutes, not days

I am not lying to you by saying: "yes, you can be a complete newbie to deploy your public-access kiosk in 2 minutes". You need to have some experience in computers of course, but being a system administrator knowing computers in depth is not really necessary. I have thoroughly thought every possibility through, and provided most of the things you can think of by default.

I know that you have much better things to do, than waste your precious time configuring and reinstalling computers. You have your business to run.

Take a look at what Brian Carnes has to say...

"...Kept it free from malware for several months"

Thanks - this is a good product! It's on a lobby PC in a
hotel and it's kept it free from malware for several months

Brian Carnes
Inland Stores

You don't want variables in your business, you want complete control over your computers. You need to...

Determine which programs and which web sites your users can see and run

So that you could have control over your workstations. You specify the programs you want to allow and nothing else is going to be even visible or accessible.

Screen shot of a list of shortcuts

This gives you a peace of mind, because you know, that your users can only do certain things and nothing else.

Since you have complete control over the web sites and programs your users can access, you always know for sure what is in use.

You will be able to focus on your business as opposed to hammering down multiple installations a week.

This frees up some time from your day-to-day activities, that you can definitely use elsewhere.

Your PC kiosks will be locked down completely most of the time and you will not need to worry about them. However, any time you need to change something, for example add or remove programs change global settings or permissions, you can easily...

Lock and unlock your workstation

When you unlock your workstation, it becomes a regular PC without any restrictions in place, therefore you can add, remove or change absolutely anything, anywhere at any moment.

Screen shot of how to lock your kiosk

When you lock it, it becomes completely secure and does not allow anybody to change and access anything, except for what you have allowed.

Locking and unlocking can only be done with the use of a password, and nobody except you, will be able to do it.

Since PC is protected, you do not have to constantly monitor it thinking it may need a fix or a complete re-installation.

This gives you a total freedom, since there are no limitations as to what programs or utilities you can install on your workstation and when you can change them. You will have less worrying and more productive time for your business, which always translates into more money for you, the owner, but what is even better than that is that...

You do not require special, extensive knowledge of computers

You will require a normal, basic skill as a user, but not more than that. The software itself is just a point-and-click. You will not need to spend countless hours learning additional skills, so instead, you will have much more time for your business.

If you try limiting your computer with any conventional methods, you will probably end up drilling into the guts, like registry and permissions. No matter how hard you patch the guts, you will still leave a bunch of backdoors open used by pesky users to break something else and force you to completely reinstall the system. My program will...

Prevent people from gaining access to your regular Windows environment

With my solution, you do not need to change or remove anything inside your operating system, because I have done my homework correctly and devised the most optimal method for limiting functionality of different software products to just the right amount of tinkering that is absolutely required for it to function. All the rest is done automatically, and if you also consider that...

Installation is a breeze and takes no more than 30 seconds

Therefore you are on your way to realizing all your benefits without any delays. You can deploy many copies of my software very quickly, since the installation just unpacks all the files into a program directory. In cases, where you have hundreds of computers you can save time on deploying PC kiosks just by using the standard Active Directory.

Entire configuration of this program is intentionally saved in a single file. Therefore multiplying workstations is just a matter of copying a single config file to any other computers. If your workstations are connected into a local network, you can share the same config file amongst all workstations by putting it in a shared network folder. Saves time, huh?

When you install and configure my software, you specify a unique master password. This password will be used to unlock your workstations when they are in the locked mode to make any changes to their configurations. It means that...

Only the people who know the master password, can log in and do changes

You can be confident, that unlocking any workstation is not tricky. You just use the Unlock command with your master password.

Your master password will also let you reboot or shut any workstation down straight from within the locked mode.

If you want to delegate the task of rebooting and shutting down your workstations to an employee, you can do that easily by creating a special password that allows a person to perform the Reboot and Shut Down commands only.

You will greatly benefit from the use of my software since:

  • You are not restricted by a hard, predetermined configuration, and you can easily change and adjust your settings whenever you want to.
  • In the unlocked mode your workstation is the same as a regular PC which you are already very familiar with.
  • It is just a regular PC to those who know the password, but an impenetrable fortress for the rest of your users.

It provides you with a secure desktop, where your users see only the icons and run only the programs you specify and nothing else. Even web browsing is done using a special fully customizable secure "Safe web browser".

What does it mean to you, you might ask?

It means...

Totally secure web browsing for your users

You control what web sites your users can and cannot go to, and whether they are allowed to minimize or close browser windows or not.

Besides, the browser window has only 4 buttons... Nothing extra…

No additional menus, buttons, toolbars, options or gadgets and widgets.

Your users are simply unable to click on anything else, they are not given this choice.

You will no longer have to worry about where they are off to, whether they are breaking into or reconfiguring web browser's settings.

Less monitoring equals less headaches for you, the owner.

If you need more protection in case you are sharing other applications, simply...

Block certain keys on the keyboard

This function is absolutely equivalent to cutting that button out of your keyboard. It is as if this button has never existed in the first place.

Should your workstations host any third-party applications that provide some dangerous key combinations users can potentially exploit to compromise security, you can simply disable those keys on the keyboard and the keys will not be available anymore.

For example, disable the Alt button and any key combinations such as Alt+Tab, Alt+Esc and Ctrl+Alt+Del will become unavailable to all applications including Windows itself.

Another great thing that deserves mentioning is that...

Users can log in using their user names and passwords

Each user can choose to log in with his or her own user name and password. Set up all users once and for all, and let every one of them log in separately, with his own credentials.

It means that if you have permanent users on your workstations, you do not need to worry about giving each one of them temporary time codes every time they come. You spend less time configuring and giving temporary access and get more time on things you love!

I repeat again what I said before, this could be achieved without special computer skills. What you know, is already more than enough. You do not have to learn anything else, and in addition to that, you will...

Avoid the biggest expense of hiring an IT professional

Salary is quite an expense and responsibility in any business. By not hiring a tech-savvy person, you will save thousands of dollars a year.

All you need to know is described in an easy-to-read-and-follow software manual. I assure you will not be left alone in the darkness because...

  • I created a detailed step-by-step help file for you on how to use this software
  • I maintain an up-to-date FAQ section on my website, where you can instantly get answers to a lot of most frequently asked questions.
  • I provide video tutorials that guide you step by step through different features of the software.

In addition to that, should you have any problem or just a question about running or using the software, be sure to now that...

Free support by the same person who wrote this software is just a few clicks away

If you experience any problem, you do not get tossed around from one guy to another. Your question is responded by the most appropriate person, very often by the developer, who is responsible for the relevant part of the software. Since I wrote most of this software myself, I can easily help you with any related problem.

This means that you spend less time on asking questions, which I am happy to answer promptly without any delays.

Did you also know that you can...

Try my program free for 30 days without any limitations

You are not risking anything. If it is not working for you, you are just not buying it.

What you get on a trial basis is actually a full functional version, that will work for 30 days on your computer without any limitations.

Since it is not a limited demo replaced with the full version upon purchase, you will keep using the same installation if you decide to buy it. In fact, the only difference between the trial version and the fully registered one, is that the registered version will continue to work beyond the 30 day trial period.

If you decide you like my program, and buy it, all you get is a keycode that you will use to unlock your trial version. The trial version is actually the full version.

Try it free and decide whether you like it or not, without making any commitment or even leaving your personal information.

Click on the button below to download the 30 day trial version now.

But wait... That is not all...

Not only can you try it free of charge for the full 30 days, but even when you buy it after that, you will be covered by an...

Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee

I am so sure you will like my product, that I am prepared to refund your money in full if you do not like it for some kind of a reason.

Try the full version for 30 days free of charge, and if it turns out you are not happy with your purchase, just send me an email and I will personally issue you 100% refund without any questions asked.

So, you see... you are not risking anything, unless you are failing to act now.

To deploy your easy and risk-free publicly-accessed PC, kiosk or Internet Cafe, please press the button below now.

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