Westerly RI Historic Homes: Babcock-Smith House

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For sixteen years he served around the Supreme Court of Rhode Island and was Chief Justice. Babcock became active in politics representing Westerly inside the Rhode Island General Assembly for nine years.

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Westerly produced four types of proper granite that is incredibly hard and will be carved down on the finest detail. There is a blue granite that's very fine grained using a blue-white color used by statuary and monuments. There are lite pink, dark pink and red granites that are fine grained which has a pink to reddish hue utilized in monuments and buildings. Great monuments made from Westerly Granite which are now on the hundred and fifty years old show no weathering or staining.

An early Georgian-style mansion integrated 1734 for Dr. Babcock would have been a prominent physician, politician, Chief Justice from the Rhode Island Supreme Court and Major General of State Militia throughout the Revolutionary War. Joshua Babcock, the Babcock-Smith House is one of Rhode Island's most critical architectural and historical landmarks. The property was later purchased in 1946 by Orlando Smith who discovered outcroppings of fine granite for the property that may be used for sculpturing monuments and transformed Westerly's economy with all the boom in granite statues after the Civil War commemorating battlefields and cemeteries.

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