Westerly RI Historic Homes: Babcock-Smith House

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Joshua Babcock was given birth to in 1707 to Captain James Babcock, the son of one of Westerly's first settlers. He studied medicine in Boston and London and returned to Westerly in 1734. Joshua became a quick learner possibly at 17 was the 1st graduate of Yale College from Rhode Island in 1724.

If you are looking for Homes in Westerly RI visit The Babcock-Smith House was added to the National Register of Historic Places and became a museum in 1972. Located at tours to hue 124 Granite Street, it can be open for tours and occasional events which is Westerly, Rhode Island's most important historic home. The mansion is beautifully furnished with pieces in the Colonial Babcock years, and also Victorian furnishings in the Smith years. Article Source: of Hiring The Best People, Steven Penny writes on Connecticut's best places to reside.

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