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 hotels in sapaMeet the locals, lots of whom are on bicycle too, down the way. Then its back about the bikes to understand more about some backcountry roads (120 minutes) to relish the beautiful Delta scenery. DAY 17: Can Tho - Cai Rang Floating Market - Saigon (B/L/-)
Start your entire day off with a morning boat trip towards the exciting and chaotic Cai Rang Floating Market. Then up a basic canal for additional of a pleasure cruise and a few peace and relaxation. After lunch we head to Saigon for supper.

Accompanied by an authority of the territory with truffle dogs, visitors may go hunting this precious mushroom and learn many curiosities regarding it such as: how you can recognise an exceptional truffle, how you can store it properly and of course the best way to cook it. Truffle Hunting tour ?

There are many ways of transportation connecting Ho Chi Minh City , which is the big tourism center in Vietnam, attracting a big of people to Vietnam and Hanoi Capital, the polictis, cultural and economic center of Vietnam. China borders it on the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, the East Sea for the east along with the Pacific Ocean towards the east and south. Lying about the eastern hue hotel part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam can be a strip of land shaped like the letter "S".

The classic Vietnam tour is provided with the great rail journey from HCMC to Hanoi Capital crossing Nha trang, Danang, Hue, Ninh binh and the magnificent northern aspects of Vietnam. s hidden charm and natural splendor by train from HCMC (click homepage) to Hanoi , you are able to plan your best vacations in order to connect on a spectacular train travel.

The train facilities which can be being provided for tourists preferring to visit by Vietnam train tour to hue are pre-processed and pre-packaged method of getting food on the passengers as well as refined mineral water bottles. Other facilities which are being provided are ticket covers, trolleys and plastic cups. There are no better professional tour operators than Asian Travel and Tours who is able to confirm your Vietnam train tickets easily. The tickets can be found at a promotional price being offered by from Hanoi Capital or HCMC to all or any other Trans Vietnam cities.

For long distance travel, it is advisable for you to use Vietnam train bookings in air conditioned soft-sleeper cabin. If you are not pressured with time and you are not travelling overnight, then a soft seat is ideal. If you would like to record your trip by the Vietnam train, you have to book train ticket in non-air-con trains. The weather is cool between September to March next season. With air conditioned coaches, you can not take photographs with the scenery outside. Hard sleepers and hard seats should be avoided altogether because they are usually crowded and uncomfortable. Soft seats are for short distance only. The best time of the year to search by train influences autumn season.

This village is an additional must-see attraction of Langhe area. Take a tour of corso Vittorio Emanuele and discover the charming historical centre using its small shops to find typical product like the exquisite white truffle or the Langhe hazelnuts. Every Saturday morning in the centre is held a picturesque market, be sure not to miss it!

As above mentioned, castles are among the main characteristics with this area. One of the most popular you are Barolo Castle in an ancient middle-age hamlet inside the Barolo village, that also gives the name to the worldwide known wine, that visitors can taste in one of the numerous "cantine" (wine cellars open towards the public) or perhaps one from the luxury restaurants while having a typical Piedmont meal.

2: 10 pm: One hour flight to Nha Trang. DAY 9: Hoian city tour, flight to Nha Trang (B/L/-)
8: 00 am: After breakfast, experience a walking tour visiting Hoian and all sorts of the treasures of the old town. 12: 00 noon: Check-out and transfer to Danang for our flight to Nha Trang. Then free time to shop. Explore this excellent beach town around for your leisure for your rest of the day. Arrival with the Cam Ranh Airport then transfer downtown for check-in. Old houses, temples, pagodas, ancient bridges, as well as a traditional music show at 10: 15 am.

 hotels in sapaVietlong brings high quality services in your soul trips in Vietnam. Your satisfaction is obviously our pleasure ! Vietnam Eco-adventure package tour is designed for those who desire a green vacations in Vietnam. This tour is combination between Ecotourism and Adventure, it's the perfect combination. Vietlong Travel proud to introduce travelers this tour with suitable price, we're the top adventure tour operators in Vietnam.

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