The Bitch: Up the Creek with Nanny! by Michael Knell

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It seems folks hoping to see an end put to the Nanny State when the coalition government came to power can always have some time and energy to wait. Sadly, Blackpool Council could be the living proof that Nanny remains alive and well.

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But no, twice travel to sapa recently the council have blighted the plans of local businesses to provide a service for those, some of which will undoubtedly be our much needed tourists. It is screaming out for it. Now when there was an area that should be set without any petty rules and regulations in order to prosper, it's surely Blackpool.

When you find yourself the creek without having a paddle - knowning that's where many believe Blackpool is at this time! - it's plain stupidity to ignore a plank of wood drifting by that might help to save, mainly because of its type or colour! Methinks maybe that most effective outcome may be to rapidly change some people on our council!

That's what makes money for the kids, and through taxes commemorate hotels in hue money for that country too - and God knows: we might do with a number of that right now! These are small business owners, the once backbone of Britain, plus they are in the market of offering the services that customers require.

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Our local newspaper, The Gazette, reports that Helen [visit the next web site] France, executive director for tourism and regeneration, states: "If any cafe has a problem with their license application they could discuss it with the council and we will work with them for your best possible outcome.

He was the bloke the council earned to design Blackpool's illuminations around the strength which he had a forte for knowing what exactly was right for the resort. In another case a businessman who had provided inflatable sofas for customers outside his cafe in Cedar Square recently found himself hit by way of a council ban, and that was inspite of the sofas being there satisfying people (our tourists again? ) for approximately twelve months, and being commented on many favourably by the designer Laurence Llwellyn-Bowen.

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