Anguilla Part 2

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08.06.2010 - 08.15.2010 32 °F
The day began cloudy with some rain showers, so we made a decision to spend the morning stocking through to snacks. The search for three particular products got us to three different food markets, which might cause you to think that the grocery stores in Anguilla aren't very well-stocked. But stocked they are, with all sorts of interesting things.
I understand what you're thinking: Just how popular are soy chunks to warrant their own aisle? Why have I never attempted a tropical soy chunk smoothie, or the isle grilled soy chunks? I must be feeding on at all the wrong places.
Among the right places to eat reaches Lucy's, where, regardless of the lack of soy chunks on the menu, the meals is quite mouth watering.
At Lucy's we shared a crab fritter appetizer, accompanied by two orders of the snapper from the dinner menu, which is a salty, garlicky, fried fillet so good that apparently I couldn't even pause to have a photo before digging in.
Right because the appetizer came, Ronnie Bryan showed up - we'd called earlier to let him know that the trunk about our rental car wasn't shutting properly. (You understand it's a little island when somebody can track you down at lunchtime in the space around two hours.) While Angel chatted with Ronnie in the parking lot, I of course ate the complete crab fritter appetizer. Later, when Lucy brought out our entrees and pointed out that Angel was still out talking to Ronnie, she swiftly took his dish back into the kitchen so you don't consume everything!" As if I would do that twice.
Lucy continues to be working on a new special drink, which is approximately 1 oz. of lime juice, 1 oz. of mango puree, 1 oz. of amaretto, and 48 oz. of rum. Either that or our eyes are this squinty on a regular basis.
After passing out napping for the whole afternoon, we were still too exhausted from your Lucy's Foodapalooza to do much for dinner, therefore we drove to Corner Bar for some pizza. You may already know, the laws of physics dictate that regardless of how stuffed you might be, you can usually eat a cut of pizza.
The next day was bright and sunny, that could only mean one thing: Rendezvous Bay.
Later that night time was Blanchard's for supper, which is where the affluent and famous go out when they go to Anguilla, and the indegent and infamous get to wait 20 minutes for the table even with a reservation. Not that I am bitter or anything.
Blanchard's is well known for its "Cracked Coconut" dessert, which is a chocolate shell dusted with toasted coconut and filled with coconut ice cream. It was very tasty, but not even a large ball of coconut-shaped chocolate can make up for the good-but-not-great meals and $200 tabs. Boo.
The next day we drove across the island to Shoal Bay East, with a quick stay in Island Harbour.
Remember if you were a kid and you thought a watermelon would grow in your tummy if you swallowed a watermelon seed? Caribbean kids must be terrified of coconuts.
Shoal Bay is gorgeous, but don't be fooled.
First of all, there are tiny, curious tropical fish here, that will swim around your calves if you enter the water. I personally find this special and charming, and may watch them dart around my feet all day. But Angel, who's a robust magnet for sand fleas, gnats, mosquitos, rabid canines, and virtually every additional loathsome creature around, does not agree. Those legless bastards are trying to obtain me," he described, exiting water. I laughed and asked why a fish how big is an anchovy might want to obtain him. Because I am sensitive and delicious," he clarified. Of course.
The second cause to be on your guard at Shoal Bay is a large stingray lives here. That in itself is not therefore terrifying, until you understand that he's cleverly disguised to look exactly like an integral part of the reef. God help people.
love all you wrote as well as the pictures are a feast for the eye! I especially trust your summation of Blanchard's. We have felt it has been a "rip-off" for a long time.
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