A Rough Guide To Ordering Local Coffee In Singapore

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Having said that I am inspired presenting my personal recipe similarly. Many thanks the thought.
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how to make a strawberry banana smoothieA Rough Guidebook to Ordering Community Espresso in Singapore
Image (c) Danesh Daryanani
Therefore, this post is dedicated to Hugh and Charles, and all other foreigners or people to Singapore. Hope this helps.
None - be mindful how the condensed dairy is sweet
Long Dark - simply no added sugar
non-e - very nice!
Black Espresso with less sugar
Long Dark - about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of sugar
Espresso with Condensed Milk but weaker (they increase more drinking water)
Black Coffee with Sugar but weaker (they put more water)
Americano with sugars and warm water added
Such as a triple expresso with sugar
Kopi Kosong Peng
Iced Americano without Sugar
Kopi Gau Kosong Peng
Iced triple expresso without sugar
OK, this isn't a comprehensive list but you get the theory. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to rattle off what in the right combination to obtain exactly what you want.
Some terminology that may help you order the coffee you want:
Siew Dai - Reduced Sugar
Po - Weaker or Thinner Coffee (more water, in other words)
C - With evaporated milk instead of condensed milk
Be aware 1: Skim dairy is still no option (i actually.e. no Skinny Kopi)
Note 2: The above works for tea as well. Replace Kopi (Coffee) with Teh (Tea)
34 Responses to some Rough Instruction to Ordering Local Coffee in Singapore"
A most excellent resource! Most of this is new to me despite having grown up in Singapore.
Now, what's the neighborhood word for just how I actually take my tea now: decaff dark tea steeped for 2 minutes in only boiling water, with no sugar and only a splash of new semi-skimmed dairy, and with the milk poured in 1st…?
Ooooooh, lucky I need not answer your question as decaf is not available at local kopi-tiam therefore the rest is definitely moot. Heng, ah

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