Ajeen (Savory Dough)

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As I recently have some time, I had been surfing on the internet the other day. Trying to get fresh, intriguing ideas, inspiring meals that I have never used before, to astonish my loved ones with. Searching for a while but could not come across any interesting things. Right before I wanted to give up on it, I came across this delicious and easy treat simply by chance. It seemed so tempting
on its image, it required quick action.
It had been not difficult to imagine the way it is created, its taste and how much boyfriend is going to enjoy it. Actually, it is extremely easy to impress him in terms of puddings. Yes, I am a lucky one. Or possibly he is.Anyhow, I visited the website: Ambitiouskitchen and used the detailed instuctions that have been accompanied by great shots of the method. It really makes life much simpler. I could imagine that it's a slight effort to shoot photographs down the middle of baking in the kitchen as you may normally have sticky hands and so i sincerely appreciate the time and energy she devote to make this blogpost .
With that in mind I'm encouraged presenting my personal formulas similarly. Thanks for the concept.
I was fine tuning the main mixture create it for the taste of my family. I have to tell you that it was a great success. They loved the flavor, the thickness and loved getting a delicacy like this in the midst of a busy week. They ultimately asked for even more, many more. Hence next time I am not going to commit the same miscalculation. I am going to twin the quantity to keep them delighted.

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Ajeen (Savory Dough)
2 teaspoons instant yeast
1 cup warm milk
Combine the dry elements. Add the oil and kneed, then add the milk gradually and keep kneading for 8-10 minutes before dough is clean and incorporated.
Spray a dish with some essential oil and place the dough and cover. Keep in space temperature (on the warmer part) for an hour. It should dual in size.
Knead just a little before use
This dough is ideal for all types of mini pies such as Borak Zaitoon (Olive mini pies) , spinach pies and cheese pies.
Thanks for the great recepies. I'm simply questioning for howlong please we have to keep carefully the dough in the oven and under what warmth degree?
Many thanks beforehand and looking forward to hearing from you
Temperature should be 375F. The duration within the oven could vary with regards to the stuffing, but generally 7-11 a few minutes. This recipe is only for the dough. You can find more detailed instructions in these recipes -thyme-swirls
I really love this dough. It's easy to work with, likes good and continues to be good the very next day, unlike most doughs. I've attempted to lessen the oil nonetheless it turned out too dry. I wish to try half whole wheat grains and half white and stuff them with scrambled eggs for a quick school breakfast. We'll see. Thanks a lot for the recipe!
A great idea! Let us know how they will come out or flourless almond torte if you tried other recipes with this dough.
God help the Syrian people. And I pray that you and your family are OK. Please tell us how to help?
Dear Safiyah, Thank you so much and also the prayers and provide to help. There are many organizations you could contact to offer help, such as Syria Alleviation and Advancement or Please maintain praying for Syria!
Thanks so much for the formula. It looks very good. I'm going to make pies with sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. Is that something that might be offered in Syria?
The dough appears to be very oily and doesn't feel like a typical bread dough. Is the fact that normal? 1 cup of oil seems like a lot for this recipe. But I trust your recipe! I'll observe how it manages it raises.
Greg, walnuts & sundried tomatoes appears like a heavenly combination. I have not noticed it in Syria, though. There, they are big on sun-dried reddish pepper in appetizers and fillings.
I actually agree, the dough is on the greasy side, and there are other recipes that have less oil. I like this one since it is low maintenance and an easy task to knead and spread, but other people might not like this much oil.
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