Bacon Mayonnaise!

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best diabetic ice creamAs I currently have some time, I had been searching on the web last week. On the lookout for new, exciting thoughts, inspiring dishes that We have never tested before, to delight my family with. Hunting for quite some time yet couldn't discover any interesting stuff. Right before I thought to give up on it, I discovered this yummy and simple dessert by chance. It seemed so delicious on its snapshot, it required rapid actions.
It absolutely was simple enough to imagine the way it is made, how it tastes and how much my hubby will probably like it. Actually, it is very simple to please the guy when it comes to cakes. Anyway, I went to the blog: Ambitiouskitchen and then used the step by step instuctions that were combined with impressive photographs of the process. It really makes life faster and easier. I can imagine that it's a bit of a inconvenience to shoot photographs in the midst of cooking in the kitchen as you ordinarily have gross hands so that i highly appreciate the time and effort she devote to build this blogpost and recipe conveniently implemented.
Having said that I am empowered presenting my personal recipes in the same way. Many thanks the idea.
I had been tweaking the initial formula create it for the taste of my family. I can tell you it was a great outcome. They enjoyed the taste, the consistency and loved having a treat such as this in the midst of a hectic workweek. They basically asked for lots more, a lot more. So the next time I'm not going to commit the same miscalculation. I'm going to double the quantity .

Bacon Mayonnaise!
I had been threatening to do it for weeks, and I finally did it. I took my leftover bacon grease and switched it into mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise, but I hardly ever eat it anymore because it's impossible to find a commercial brand that's not made with a negative vegetable essential oil. I can't stand homemade mayo made out of extra virgin olive oil as it tastes far too strong. Light essential olive oil makes a palatable mayo, but light olive oil has undergone some quite severe processing, making it not really ideal either. Enter the bacon fats!
We didn't bother to stress my drippings which is why my mayonnaise is speckled, however the taste is still outrageously great. :) I'm not going to attempt to tell you steps to make this stuff, because it's pretty finicky, so I'll direct you to definitely the original formula I used, which you can find here: -a-recipe-contest-with-prizes/ The original originates from a book known as simply "Extra fat" by Jennifer McLagan.
I had to go through some calisthenics to obtain mine to turn out. I started it in a food processor, but there was so little volume from one egg yolk it wouldn't reach the blades. So I had to scrape everything right into a blender. I QUICKLY had to include another egg yolk to get a good emulsion heading. Then I acquired to add even more lemon juice to lower through the extreme savoriness from the bacon. The finish product is wonderful though. :) I think I'll make poultry salad with it.
I'm thinking deviled eggs and hamburgers here :)
Also paleo/low carb it will go well on top of burger meat. Might proceed well in potato salad for those who aren't low sugar ice cream recipe carbohydrate.
Yay!! Isn't it sooooo properly delicious!! I'm so pleased it worked for you!
Sometimes I really do half and fifty percent (fifty percent bacon fat half olive oil) that is also tasty.
I have to make this too. I've the FAT reserve and I have at least two containers of strained bacon fat in the fridge. I generated a lot bacon fat at one stage (pre-cooking 4 pounds of bacon at a time in the oven prior to my hubby & sons YMCA camping travels) I needed to start tossing it out because I couldn't utilize it fast more than enough. This is a terrific way to use it up quicker, as we love mayo anyway and I like to make mayo.
I like to make use of a handheld "stay" immersion blender to create mayo, within a container that is taller than it really is wide. Less mess and cleanup is simple, functions great with the reduced level of egg, and is fast.
Great stuff, I will try it.
Gave a raise your voice today...
The strawberry vinaigrette arrived amazing!! Thanks a lot for posting that one.
Anonymous said...
This sounds fantastic! What happens once you refrigerate it? Could it be still spreadable?
Oh yum! I've been wondering what I possibly could use instead of EVOO. This would be perfect. Oh, and the very thought of deviled eggs is just delectable.
canola essential oil is evil. if you'd like good extra fat mayonnaise there is only one choice
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You borrowed from me a fresh keyboard! i drooled around mine! giggle
I live in France and do a lot of fattened duck quality recipes...confit, fois gras, etc.. I've gallons of duckfat and will be trying this recipe using some of my stock.
Have you attempted using just plain Olive Oil and not EVOO. I produced my initial batch with EVOO and it was horrible. Managed to get with plain essential olive oil and it turned out great. And once made you can add anything to it for dipping sauces or ranch
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megtreb said...
I've been looking around for something like this because I have the same issue - how to make mayo without needing industrial seed natural oils or essential olive oil which preferences horrible in mayo! Even with plain olive oil my hubby doesn't enjoy it. But a issue: can I get it done with simply egg whites? He's allergic towards the yolks. What I am doing is producing egg white mayonnaise and simply using canola essential oil even though I know its an issue, but I figure there's not that much in one spoonful. Just what exactly do you consider - will it work with simply egg whites? Offers anyone attempted it?
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