3 Ways To Make Strawberry Lemonade

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As I recently have some time, I was browsing on the internet a few days ago. In search of new, intriguing ideas, inspirational recipes that We have never tasted before, to treat my family with. Hunting for a long time but could not discover lots of interesting stuff. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I found this delicious and simple dessert by chance over ambitiouskitchen. It looked so fabulous on its photo, that called for rapid actions.
It had been easy to imagine the way it's made, how it tastes and how to make floating island dessert much my husband will enjoy it. Actually, it is quite easy to delight the man in terms of desserts. Anyways, I got into the site and simply followed the simple instuctions that have been accompanied by nice images of the procedure. It just makes life much simpler. I could imagine that it is a slight inconvenience to take photos in the midst of cooking in the kitchen as you most often have gross hands so I seriously appreciate the time and energy she put in for making this post and recipe easily followed.
With that said I'm encouraged to present my own recipe in a similar way. Many thanks for the idea.
I had been tweaking the original recipe to make it for the taste of my family. I have to tell you that it was an incredible success. They enjoyed the taste, the structure and enjoyed having a treat like this in the midst of a stressful workweek. They basically wanted even more, more and more. Hence the next time I am not going to commit the same mistake. I am likely to twin the quantity .

floating island dessert philippinesLemon pieces, sliced strawberries, mint, chocolate mint, or other garnish (optional)
Quick strawberry lemonade
3/4 cup of lemon juice (bottled is okay, fresh if preferred)
5 cups of water (still or dazzling, as preferred)
Creamy strawberry lemonade
Makes 4 servings
4 lemons and sugar to taste; or lemonade natural powder (whichever you like)
1 pint strawberries
Make the lemonade. Combine the water, sugar, and lemon juice. It may be necessary to bring the water to a boil first, to get all the glucose to dissolve.
Take away the stems, hulls, and any bad spots from your strawberries. You can use more or fewer strawberries if you wish to.
Place the strawberries in a blender with lemonade to cover generously. Add a bit of ice if you want more of a smoothie or slushy consistency. You can also freeze the strawberries rather than adding ice.
Mix until mixed. Once it really is mixed, put it into a pitcher with the remainder from the lemonade, and stir.
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Blending in only part of the water at first helps to obtain the strawberries blended more smoothly.
Serve the strawberry lemonade. Pour into eyeglasses and float sliced up or halved strawberries to the very best. Garnish the rim from the glass having a slice of fresh lemon, if you want. Serve chilled with pink straws for extra flair.
Clean and hull the strawberries. Add them to a blender and blend until smooth. If needed, add some water to greatly help it to blend easily.
Make use of seedless strawberries unless you need seeds, or strain the seeds from it.
Pour the lemon juice and sugar into the serving jug or pitcher. Stir to dissolve the glucose.
Pour the blended strawberries in to the lemon juice and glucose mixture. Stir well to mix.
Done. The strawberry lemonade is now ready for offering. Add ice cubes before pouring. If not serving immediately, keep chilled in the refrigerator.
Creamy Strawberry Lemonade
This method takes a little longer, as it requires mashing before blending, to make a creamy texture and needs to be chilled for a while before consuming.
Make lemonade You can fresh-squeeze the lemonade from true lemons, or us a packet. The idea is for it to become regular lemonade, therefore use your preferred way of producing lemonade for the base.
Wash and slice the strawberries. In a different dish, add the strawberries. Using a masher, mash the strawberries until creamy.
Vary the proportions in any manner you want. If you would like less sugar, more lemon, etc., do it now. Taste and modify as you move.
You may even choose to freeze the blend and turn it into popsicles.
In the event that you add dairy and ice cream, you may make Orange Julius' "Strawberry Lemonade".
Frozen berries might take liquid to mix well than fresh ones.
This is a great recipe to make with children.
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