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sugar free chocolate crepesAs I lately have a little time, I was looking on the web last week. Looking to find new, exciting ideas, inspiring dishes that I've never tested before, to treat my loved ones with. Searching for a while yet could not come across too many interesting stuff. Right before I thought to give up on it, I came upon this fabulous and simple treat by luck at ambitiouskitchen. It looked so tempting
on its image, that called for urgent action.
It had been simple enough to imagine the way it's made, its taste and how much my hubby will like it. Actually, it is extremely simple to please him in terms of puddings. Yes, I am a blessed one. Or perhaps he is.Anyways, I got into the site and simply followed the step-by-step instuctions that have been accompanied by superb shots of the procedure. It really makes life faster and easier. I could suppose it's a slight inconvenience to take photos in the middle of baking in the kitchen as you most often have gross hands so that i really appreciate the commitment she placed in for making this blogpost and recipe easily implemented.
With that said I am empowered to present my own, personal recipe in a similar way. Appreciate your the concept.
I was tweaking the initial recipe create it for the taste of my family. I've got to tell you it turned out an incredible success. They enjoyed the flavor, the consistency and enjoyed having a sweet such as this in the middle of a busy week. They quite simply asked for lots more, a lot more. So the next occasion I am not going to make the same miscalculation. I'm gonna twin the amount to get them delighted.

Rainbow JELL- Cubes are ideal for St. Patrick's Day or any day you want to bring a smile to someone's face! The perfect treat!
Sweetened condensed milk. It's sort of magical isn't it? So sweet and ooey gooey and it just makes everything taste sooo good! I totally stocked up for christmas. I guess I thought I might be making about 47 pounds of fudge or something. I love to be prepared.
I remember my Dad telling me how my Aunt would eat the sweetened condensed milk by the spoonful from the can. Smart lady. You will find so many delicious recipes to make with sweetened condensed milk such as Magic Bars but this particular recipe just happens to work for St. Patrick's Day! It's so fun to make and easy too! The boys love picking out their favorite flavors of JELL- and then I put it all together. I say JELL- flavors" but really each goes by color. You know…"the red JELL-" or the green JELL-". Whatever works: )
Not only is this dessert beautiful and super-impressive it appears like it's very difficult to make but it's easy on the wallet aswell. You only need some JELL-, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and some unflavored gelatin. Easy peasy! You are able to choose whatever colors you want which makes this a very versatile dessert. Layer in the colors of your next party and you are going to have a yummy treat that's sure to be always a hit!
There is just something about rainbows that bring a smile to my face each time. My boys are also thrilled when I make rainbows" in the kitchen - they are also HUGE JELL- fans so this treat is a win-win for everyone. You can really cut down the calories and sugar in this dessert by using sugar-free JELL- and low-fat or fat-free sweetened condensed milk. Oh and did I mention this recipe makes TONS of cubes?? Like literally, tons. Depending on how precise I am with my cutting, It's my job to end up with between 60-80 cubes so there's plenty for a crowd OR class!
Rainbow JELL- Cubes
six envelopes unflavored gelatin, divided
5-3/4 cups boiling water, divided
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
¼ cup cold water
In a small bowl, combine one package flavored gelatin and one envelope unflavored gelatin. Stir in 1 cup boiling water until dissolved. Let mixture cool slightly for 3-5 minutes.
Pour mixture into a 13-in. x 9-in. dish coated with cooking spray.
Refrigerate until set but not firm, about 20 minutes.
In small bowl, combine the condensed milk and 1 cup boiling water.
In another bowl, sprinkle two envelopes unflavored gelatin over cool water; let are a symbol of 1 minute. Stir in ¾ cup boiling water. Add to sweetened condensed milk mixture.
Spoon 1 cup of the creamy gelatin mixture over the first flavored gelatin layer. Refrigerate until set however, not firm, about 25 minutes.
Repeat from beginning of recipe twice alternating flavored gelatin with creamy gelatin layers.
Ensure that you let the dissolved gelatin sit for a few minutes before spooning over previous layer. This will keep the layers "pure".
Chill each layer until set although not firm before spooning next layer at the top.
Make final flavored gelatin and spoon over top.
Refrigerate for 2 hours after finishing last layer before cutting into 1-in. squares.
Serve and enjoy!
We are having so much fun decorating and preparing for St. Patrick's Day this year! I'd love to know if your loved ones celebrates St. Patrick's Day and what you do at home! Here are some other fun St. Patrick's Day ideas:
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Trish - they're GORGEOUS!!!
I so much love colors in food, especially desserts. As you said - it brings a smile just seeing it.
Thanks for linking up the other day!
~Amber @ Dessert Now, Dinner Later!
So fun! I bet these are a bit hit with the kiddos!: )
Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse Party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.: )
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Anyways, just wished to say exemplary blog!
Thank you for. helping me rediscover these amazing and beautiful treats! I have already been promising my husband for 6 years that I will make them for him. Neither my mom nor I could may find the recipe.
My question to you is what do you do with the condensed milk and gelatin mixture while the jello layers are setting? I hate leaving it at room temperature and have never known how to proceed with it besides leave it out.

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