There are many sports that are popular in lots of areas of the global world.

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Football isn't one of these. Still, with Super Bowl Sunday approaching your students will still have fun with these fun activities that get them considering and discussing the big game!
Try These 10 ESL Actions for the Super Bowl
Explain the Game
Since most of your students, if not all, never have grown up in the USA , they do not understand the overall game of football probably.esl arts and crafts Attracting a guest speaker is a perfect way to problem your college students' listening skills as well as provide them with information about the less than familiar game. Ask an area pupil who also plays football or even a football coach from your school or perhaps a close by school to arrive and explain the game to your course, and then provide your college students a chance to talk to queries. You might have some video game videos prepared to play for illustration as well!
Ride the street
Each year, the NFL puts a documentary together, which usually airs right before the Super Dish, called THE STREET towards the Super Bowl.

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