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chocolate sponge cakeAs I lately have some time, I had been surfing on the internet the other day. In need of new, interesting thoughts, inspiring dishes that We have never used before, to astonish my loved ones with. Looking for a while unfortunately couldn't come across too many interesting stuff. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I found this fabulous and easy dessert by chance. It seemed so delightful on its pic, that required fast actions.
It absolutely was easy to imagine just how it's made, how it tastes and how much boyfriend will want it. Mind you, it is quite simple to keep happy him when it comes to cakes. Yes, I'm a blessed one. Or perhaps he is.Anyhow, I visited the site: Ambitiouskitchen and used the step-by-step instuctions that had been combined with superb pics of the process. It really makes life less difficult. I can suppose it's a slight inconvenience to shoot photos in the midst of cooking in the kitchen as you will often have gross hands and so i pretty appreciate the commitment she devote to build this blogpost .
That being said I'm encouraged presenting my personal formulas in a similar fashion. Thanks for the thought.
I had been tweaking the original formula to make it for the taste of my family. I've got to say it had been a terrific outcome. They loved the taste, the structure and loved getting a treat such as this in the middle of a lively workweek. They ultimately asked for even more, many more. Hence next time I am not going to commit the same miscalculation. I am likely to double the amount to make them pleased.

Quick Puff Pastry (& Cheese Straws)
Embarrassingly easy - and I say embarrassing because that's how I'm when I receive high praise and several compliments for this - this cheater's puff pastry isn't any more difficult to make than regular pie pastry. This recipe comes from The Pie and Pastry Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum.
The ingredients are basic: cake flour, unbleached all-purpose flour, salt, unsalted butter and water. A higher-fat, European-style butter is recommended, but I used a good quality Canadian butter.
After the dry ingredients are whisked together, chilled butter is put into the bowl and mixed until the pieces are flattened. I used a stand mixer nevertheless the dough can be made by hand of course. Next add the water. You wish to mix enough to create a shaggy dough while keeping the pieces of butter the same size.
Pat the dough into a rectangle on a well-floured surface. With the help of a bench scraper, fold the dough business letter style: the bottom third up, the top third down. Give the dough a quarter turn counter-clockwise and so the final fold is on the left. Scrape the task surface clean and lightly flour again. Press down with a rolling pin to flatten slightly.
Roll the dough into a rectangle and repeat the folding-turning-rolling steps 2 more times. The dough requires less flour and becomes easier to work well with with each consecutive fold or "turn" as it's called.
Supply the dough one last "turn" (that's 4 now) and allow it to rest in the icebox for at least 40 minutes or up to 1 day.
Repeat the rolling and folding steps 2 more times for a total of six "turns".
It's ready to use now or freeze for later use.
Of course I had to try it out. I chose to make just a little snack with a portion of the dough, Cheese Straws from the same book.
The dough is rolled out to 3mm/1/8", brushed with beaten egg and sprinkled with a mixture of paprika and grated Parmesan cheese on both sides. After cutting in to narrow strips, the dough is twisted, placed on a baking sheet, and after chilling in the refrigerator, baked until crisp.
It worked! Can you see most of the layers? These were perfectly crisp and golden and made a delicious pre-dinner snack (though they could have used a tad bit more cheese).
I don't publish recipes that are not my own, so if you would like to decide to try these recipes for Quick Puff Pastry and Cheese Straws, I encourage you to buy the book!
I'm sharing this post with this month's Cook-Your-Books, hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.
If you're wondering what happened to the rest of the dough, it went into causeing this to be fabulous Maple Pear Tarte Tatin
Beautiful pastry! You get the pastry perfectly! The cheese straws looks so excellent with the layers of the pastry! Fantastic!
I have already been eyeing this book for so long, and Rose is coming out with another new book soon!
Thanks for sharing with CYB!
Toronto, Canada
I love cooking and baking, and the main purpose of this blog is always to record my family's favourite recipes assured of finally compiling the Family Cook book. However , since I do enjoy trying new recipes, I couldn't help myself and have joined some virtual cooking/baking groups; the results of the experiments will be shared here also.

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