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As I recently have some time, I was browsing on the web yesterday. Looking for new, stirring ideas, inspirational dishes that I have never tested before, to impress my loved ones with. Hunting for a while unfortunately couldn't find too many interesting stuff. Right before I thought to give up on it, I came upon this delicious and easy dessert by chance on ambitiouskitchen. The dessert seemed so scrumptious on its snapshot, it required instant actions.
It was not difficult to imagine just how it is created, its taste and just how much my hubby will love it. Mind you, it is rather simple to impress the guy in terms of puddings. Yes, I'm a blessed one. Or perhaps he is.Anyhow, I went to the page and used the precise instuctions that had been accompanied by nice shots of the method. It really makes life less difficult. I could suppose it's a bit of a effort to shoot snap shots down the middle of cooking in the kitchen because you typically have sticky hands and so i genuinely appreciate the hard work she placed in to make this blogpost and recipe conveniently followed.
That being said I am empowered presenting my own, personal dishes similarly. Many thanks the thought.
I was tweaking the original recipe create it for the taste of my family. I have to mention that it was an awesome outcome. They loved the flavor, the thickness and loved having a sweet like this in the middle of a stressful workweek. They basically demanded lots more, many more. So next time I am not going to make the same miscalculation. I'm gonna double the amount .

Sugar-free date and oatmeal cookies
For a long time my son did not have an especially sweet tooth, other than fresh fruit. Unlike quite a few kids, ‘cookie' and ‘cake' were not words early on in his language development, and he wouldn't even try his own cake on his second birthday. I need to admit being pretty glad, but also knew that realistically that could change, despite parents who are not hugely sweet-toothed. And true enough, it now has. There is one coffee shop that I go to in particular where he almost immediately asks cookie? " and starts pointing at various things he'd like. While I do not mind occasionally, I would prefer it to not be too much of a habit, which as long as he doesn't see them or associate a place with them, it's not yet. But in preparation, and also to help redirect him, I liked the concept of trying to make cookies that didn't have too much, or any, sugar in them to feel a lot better about the occasions he does have them, but that still taste good. I am guessing there is many a parent to kids who have a bigger cookie habit, or just people with a sweet tooth, who might be thankful too, specially given enough time of year when this indicates there's increasingly more sweet stuff about. So here's version one - sugar free date and oatmeal cookies. And I am talking about truly sugar free, not merely replacing it with that stevia stuff that seems a bit of a cop out if you ask me.
I intend to keep playing around with this general concept, but I figured date and oat cookies were a good spot to start to use more natural sweeteners. In this instance, the sweetness comes from dates and they are blended with butter, as you would sugar in many regular cookies. True, my blender did make the odd noise like ‘what are you doing to me' but that was partly my fault in not pre-cutting them a bit and it still managed fine. I have used medjool dates which might seem a bit indulgent, but I don't think regular dates would blend as easily without being soaked, which I didn't want to do as it would probably make the cookies too moist.
Here I've added oats for a bit of texture and only a little cinnamon for flavor, plus both are pretty natural partners to dates. I debated adding vanilla and didn't, but I think I might try it the next occasion as I am pretty sure it would work well. I understand you may consider the recipe and say ‘what, half an egg? ' I know, it's a bit odd, but I prefer to make smaller quantities when I am experimenting and we don't get through cookies all that quickly. Feel free, of course, to just double the recipe. These cookies hardly melt and expand in the oven, and that means you do need to flatten them a bit before baking but don't worry about leaving too much space between them on the tray.
The end result is an extremely tasty, soft cookie - it's not chewy or crunchy, so I guess it's nearly verging into scone territory, but they appear to be and are sold as cookies in my house, and have gone down well with adults and kids alike.
4oz/110g medjool dates (pitted weight) - around ½ cup, well packed
2oz (1/2 stick)/55g butter, softened to room temperature and chopped
½ cup/40g oats (old fashioned rather than quick)
¼ tsp baking soda
Add egg and mix in.
Add remaining ingredients and stir until combined.
Take spoonfuls and roll slightly in your hand then put on a baking tray and flatten.
Bake for 12-15mins until beginning to brown.

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