As ESL teachers, part of everything you and I do is bring real life literature into our classrooms.

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Our students take advantage of the vocabulary and sentence structure challenges which come together with some of the most interesting stories we can present our classes. This fantastic literature wouldn't normally be possible minus the writers who write it.class management Perhaps you include a few of these authors within your classroom material already. If not, you may decide to once you know a little bit more about them.
Do Your Students Know These Writers? HOW ABOUT You?
Mark Twain
Mark Twain is among the best known and favorite of American writers. His famous functions including Tom Sawyer as well as the Ventures of Huckleberry Finn are frequently contained in reading requirements for British classes, from middle school to beyond and university. You may not need this esl games and yet I share it with you no matter what. It is full of nice and awesome things like the one you have got just looked at. His work is useful for ESL students due to its relatively contemporary British and its own engaging content. If you have ESL students who intend to go to universities after their vocabulary studies, they could find that a minimum of one of Tag Twain's famous pieces is on the required reading list for incoming freshmen.
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou is a beloved contemporary poet and writer. She is most well-known for her series of autobiographies, which some have known as autobiographical fiction. The most well known of these is usually I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She writes in a unique style that issues the genre of autobiography and makes her readers think. She can be popular for her depiction and defense of dark tradition and her knowledge with the U.S. civil rights movement. ESL college students will see her work vision opening as they glance a tradition with that they may not have had much experience.
Robert Frost
Robert Frost is another popular and well loved American poet. His generally brief poems are written with simple language and beautiful imagery. ESL college students shall enjoy reading his choices, which frequently focus on nature as well as the natural globe. His work can be found in many American books anthologies and can easily be included into many ESL lesson programs.
Stephen King
A far cry from even more traditional authors, Stephen King is the grasp from the thriller. Instructors and learners ought to be choosy about including his work for reading assignments, but he does have one great quality to offer. A lot of his books have already been made into films, and showing movies concurrently with reading a novel could be a great advantage to ESL students. Be choosy with the functions of Ruler that you bring in to the class room, but as a favorite contemporary author, he includes a great deal to provide college students of English. You may want to start with his short story YOUR BODY

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