La Liga Giants Clash

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The exploits of La Liga giants Barcelona coach Guardiola 1st of this month when the Italian media said he felt the day in Barcelona has entered the countdown been unwilling to accept media interviews for the Italian television station Guardiola said: "I feel very good in Barcelona, but I think I on the team time is running out. I've been in the team three years, Another year is 4 years. to a big club such as Barcelona for 4 years Football Shirt without changing the coach is not an easy task. Everyone should know the time he left, these words when I was as a player Heard that the. "Guardiola, 40, and Barcelona in February has just signed a one-year contract, the contract period to June 2012.

As a "Young Marshal", Guardiola can be described as brilliant exploits. Barcelona since 2008 by his coach he was promoted to the second head coach for Barcelona. Later, he led the team in Barcelona in 2009 and 2010, won the La Liga title twice, in 2009, he also brought a Barcelona Champions League title, achieved in that sweep the season, La Liga, Copa del Rey UEFA Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and World Club Cup winner's amazing 6 Albert, the "six-time winner"record is unprecedented.For the "melon handsome, "the next home, there was speculation that he la liga kits will be played for Brescia in Serie A team.Guardiola, coach Frank Rijkaard with former track has some similarities.

Barcelona Rijkaard employed in 2003. Barcelona led by former Dutch star two consecutive league titles, and in 2006 won the European Champions League title, so that Barcelona into a glorious period. But in the next two years, Barcelona slump, crop failure, Frank Rijkaard is also sadly class of 2008.Real Madrid and Sporting Gijon at home tonight before the game, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for the Brazilian legend Ronaldo stars farewell ceremony.

Ronaldo from Inter Milan in 2002 to Real Madrid, January 2007 move to AC Milan. During Ronaldo scored a total of 104 goals for Real Madrid. Ronaldo on February 14 this year, announced his retirement, overwhelmed by the Real Madrid president Florentino's invitation to the Bernabeu and Real Madrid fans farewell.In an interview with "Aspen" interview time, Ronaldo said: "I feel wonderful, I miss in Madrid, the days at the Bernabeu. Florentino asked if I would accept this honor, I am pleased to accept . Here, I spent a most happy memory, and I this is my team with the most career goals (104 goals). Real Madrid has a special meaning for me. "Ronaldo at Real Madrid then recalls the joy and barca shirts pain. "I have good memories: Sunday at the Bernabeu, the fans, we win the league "I also remember the pain, such as the semi-final loss to Juventus in the Champions League, that season we played very well."Ronaldo's career, he never won the European Champions League, but he had no regrets. "Yes, I did not win the Champions League, but in my entire career has been perfect, I can not complain about anything."

Now this on Real Madrid, Ronaldo delivered on Mourinho, Kaka, Benzema and other people's views. If healthy, will choose to join Mourinho Guardiola's Barcelona or Real Madrid? Ronaldo replied: "Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid. Both are excellent, I prefer to join Jose Mourinho's side, but my time has past."For Kaka, Ronaldo said that "Kaka is now well aware of the feelings", and believed that "Kaka will prove why he is Messi shirt a star sign, and why he is the best player in the world." Ronaldo is also in recognition of Benzema, "Higuain was injured in the state to become more sustainable and scored crucial goals," and Karim Benzema, said: "I wish him luck, because the Real Madrid striker have scored a lot of balls.

"Ronaldo also said "I hope that Real Madrid won the Triple Crown," but he did not so predict, because "nothing in the state say before the Derby."

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