Setup an Internet Cafe. Do Not Deploy Your Internet Cafe Without First Consulting This Guide.

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You are in a business that needs to provide customers with access to certain computer programs, or you need to setup an Internet Cafe, you might want to consider installation of publicly-accessible computer workstations in a shared environment. So I think you need to make the public access to your computer. But sharing is not always safe. Sharing is good but not always safe because other user can change settings of your programs, visit unacceptable web-sites or accidentally delete important information or damage underlying operating system environment. Children may accidentally get access to information they are not supposed to know and create problems for their parents. Pesky witty teens may hack in and vandalize your workstations just for fun that will become your headache.

There are a lot of tips, tricks and tweaks on the Internet about how to setup an Internet Cafe or how to block access to various features of Windows OS, as well as out-of-the-box software products doing the same things for you automatically. All this will require extensive computer knowledge from you to be implemented properly, therefore cannot be considered as a solution for a busy businessman. You simply do not have time for these easy-to-read-and-follow 300 page user guides, right? The only right solution for you is a super-simple a-few-clicks-away solution that can be rolled out to production environment in a couple of minutes.

PC To Kiosk Software is the simplest possible way to create publicly-accessed workstations and to setup an Internet Cafe. It is easy to install, it doesn’t require any special computer knowledge and its configuration takes just several minutes. After installation, the program presents itself as a 30-day trial version. You are free to evaluate it by clicking the Evaluate button, or you can purchase it right away by clicking the Purchase button. No matter which option you choose, you end up in the main window of the user interface. Now we can configure your workstation using some sort of sidebar in the left pane of PC To Kiosk Software.

In the first pane called Security & Users, you need to customize protection level of your computer and set up a password used to unlock your workstation whenever it is necessary. Then, you create a list of permanent workstation users and give them unique passwords. Finally, you block keyboard keys and key combinations your users are not supposed to use, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del. Now only the users from the user list can access your workstation using their pre-defined credentials and access levels.

The Shortcuts & Config pane lets you configure shortcuts to programs or web sites that you want your users to have access to. When you need to setup an Internet Cafe don't forget - if a program is not listed here, users will not be able to use it. Also, you can limit your temporary guest users in access time by using time-locked codes. The codes can be generated in this menu. You can even customize background image of the locked desktop as well as show or hide clickable icons.

In the Web Browsing pane you create a list of URLs allowed or disallowed for browsing. Also you can block Recycle Bin, disable file downloads, disallow Microsoft Installer (MSI), hide disks drive letters and so on. Most of the things you really need to disable are disabled by default therefore even before you start customizing, you have already finished it. It means you do not spend even a single minute when you deploy a workstation for the very first time. Most likely you will be allowing certain things rather than denying everything you have to.

Save the options you have changed, and lock the system by clicking the Block button in the top menu. After reboot the workstation will become safe for public access and you will become calm and relaxed knowing you finished to setup an Internet Cafe and your workstations are now totally safe.

PC To Kiosk Software will guard your workstations against unauthorized spyware and software installations, accidental damage and destruction of protected information. Internet will be used in a controlled and safe manner.

Investing a few minutes of your time for setting it up will eventually save you thousands of dollars and hours of time you can use for the things you love.

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